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I would like to buy your domain

Hi there,

my name is Peer and I'm wiring you from from Hamburg, Germany. I'm 43, a proud father of four and a serial entrepreneur. At the moment I'm thinking about starting my next company which I want to call "Turnbull". With Turnbull my goal is to help people in a "post Corona era" to turn their resources and assets into success. It will be kind of a barter marketplace where people can offer their products and services.

The reason I'm writing you: Would it be possible to acquire the domain from you? That would be a great help to get my service platform top and running. Please let me know if you're interested in finding a deal which is interesting for both of us. You can reach me via or on my mobile: +49 151 12 21 26 06. I'm looking forward hearing from you.

All the best and stay healthy,

posted on Friday 12th of June 2020 09:22:00 PM

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